Downtown Miami’s 1000 Museum Brings Amenities to New Heights

The skylounge of 1000 Museum is three stories high

Downtown Miami’s 1000 Museum – a residential building designed by Zaha Hadid – is upping the ante for condo amenities by installing a helicopter pad on the roof of the 62-story building. Slated to tie for the country’s tallest helipad in a private, residential building, it will be available exclusively to residents and guests who will reserve take-off and landing times as they would a tennis court. The helipad will operates under the FAA a private airport, and can withstand a chopper of 12,000 pounds, says developer Louis Birdman, who notes that the most common weight of privately flown helicopters are about 8000 pounds.

“We thought it would be an amazing amenity,” says Birdman. “We knew in the beginning of the project, we’d be attracting people from global cities, such as Brazil, Mexico, and those from Europe.The use of the helicopters there is more common.”

1000 Museum Helipad

Helicopters are more prevalent and often more practical than private jets, says Birdman, because they don’t require a runway. What’s more, modern helicopters are not noisy also fly closer to the ground, allowing passengers to see the journey.

“You can land virtually anywhere if you need to,” says Birdman.“It’s easy to set a helicopter down.

There are more than 1000 helipads in Florida alone, estimates Birdman, but most are not private and even fewer are on top of buildings. For example, The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, he says, flies in high rollers and executives. And Trump National Doral has one available for its residents and guests.

“It’s pretty nice,” says Birdman, “because you can get from Miami to Palm Beach in 20 minutes and to the Bahamas in 90 minutes.”

Aquatic center at 1000 Museum

But if you stay home at 1000 Museum, there’s plenty to do. The building has two levels dedicated to the fitness center and spa, with an outdoor pool, lounging area and a juice bar crated with Raw Republic. The salon has treatment rooms not open to the public and there’s an aquatic center with an indoor pool suitable for night swimming. There’s a private theater and screening room and a private dining room. The sky lounge offers 360 degree views of the Miami – the bay, Miami Beach, the ocean – and is three levels high. In the lobby, there’s a business center for residents who need a professional setting at home.

Units here start at $5.8 million for half-floors of 4600 square feet, move to $12 million for two-story duplexes of 8400 square feet, and go as high as $24 million for full floors – meaning there’s views in every direction — of 10,000 square feet.

“The level of service is elevated as you’d find in a five star hotel,” says Birdman. “It’s the first condominium building to have a partnership with Forbes Travel Guide.”

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