Fashion Faves of the Miami Chic

Fanny Haim, Susanne Birbragher and Jillian Jacobson

Find out what Fave fashion items Fanny Haim, Susanne Birbragher and Jillian Jacobson can’t live without. These glamour girls spent a portion of their afternoon in Miami’s Design District at the luxury closet manufacturer Ornare to hang up their items in the stylish closet displays and enlighten us about their fashion sense. Miami chic was in the house at Ornare and SocialMiami put it together!

About the Participants

Fanny Haim is an interior designer and owner of Fanny Haim & Associates. The firm is known for highly tailored, disciplined interiors that exude voluptuous textures and classical symmetry that functions seamingly from a utilitarian point of view, and that always capture the spirit of a space. Fanny is on the board of the Museum of Contemporary Art. She also volunteers at schools and has done work for the Greater Miami Jewish Federation.

Susanne Birbragher is the associate publisher of Art Nexus magazine. In addition to her many duties for Art Nexus, Susanne also represents Rinkel, a crocodile handbag line from her native Colombia. Susanne is involved in many non-profits including Give to Colombia, MOCA and MAM. She is currently chairing the Wolfsonian Museum’s professionals group, The Visionaries.

Jillian Jacobson is a Miami native who is known throughout her hometown as a woman with great style. Jillian was the creator of the cosmetic line jillicious, a partner in the retail clothing store Astoria and is currently working in public relations. She is involved in numerous non-profits including Project: New Born, Young Society of Love and Hope, The Miami Project and others.

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