Fashion Faves of the Miami Chic

Irene Korge, Osirys Mendez and Sarah Arison

Find out what Fave fashion items Irene Korge, Osirys Mendez and Sarah Arison can’t live without. These glamour girls spent a portion of their afternoon in Miami’s Design District at the luxury closet manufacturer Ornare to hang up their items in the stylish closet displays and enlighten us about their fashion sense. Miami chic was in the house at Ornare and SocialMiami put it together! Presented by Mendez International and Associates.

About the Participants

Irene Korge: Irene is a major figure in the Miami community and is known for both her charitable involvement and stunning fashion sense. Irene works closely with Miami Children’s Museum, The Zoological Society of Florida and Miami Metrozoo, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, as well as countless other organizations.

Osirys Mendez: A Miami native, the Cuban-American designer recently celebrated her 12th year in business. Osirys has had her award-winning design work featured in numerous publications, including Florida Design. She has also been featured in the tabletop book, 2006 Spectacular Homes of South Florida. Osirys often offers her design services for charitable events and fundraisers such as DCOTA’s Design House, which benefitted Vizcaya and the Fort Lauderdale and Norton Museums of Art.

Sarah Arison: Only in her mid-twenties, Sarah has already made a splash as a leader in the arts and has burgeoning career in the world of fashion. As president of the Arison Arts Foundation, Sarah works closely with the New World Symphony and YoungArts. In fashion, she does video style blogs for and has worked on fashion shoots with notable figures such as Karl Lagerfeld.

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