Fashionably Conscious

While high-profile socialites and designer fashions are no rare mix, a fundraiser called Fashionably Conscious is having leading ladies fill up racks with Chanel, Prada and Dior, rather than picking them up. At an intimate kickoff event this summer at the home of Rafael and Marijean Miyar in Coral Gables, members of the Host Committee, including Raysal Fanjul, Darlene Perez, Natasha and Lena Lowell, Lourdes Jofré-Collett, Sarah Arison, Margarita Codina, Joile Souto Dueñas, Suzy Buckley, Maria Menocal, Judy Zeder and more, toasted with 42 Below cocktails and sampled canapés provided by Le Basque catering.

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