Five Questions for Nicole Lozano

Edgar & Nicole Lozano

Edgar and Nicole Lozano are valuable members of Miami’s philanthropic community. The couple is involved with numerous non-profits, and puts special emphasis on the Miami Science Museum’s Galaxy Gala.

Edgar and Nicole are co-chairs for the 2014 Galaxy Gala with Jon and Nancy Batchelor and we can expect them to pull out all of the stops as they prepare for the new museum’s completion in downtown Miami.

In anticipation of the 2014 Galaxy Gala, Nicole was kind enough to answer five questions for SocialMiami.

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You have co-chaired the Galaxy Gala before. Why have you chosen to put your time and money into the Miami Science Museum gala on multiple occasions?

This is our fifth year working together aided by an amazing team at the Museum, and it’s been incredible to see so many key members of our community who share the desire to shape the future of Miami with the addition of the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science. To me, science is hip and it’s sexy – it influences every aspect of our life! The Museum is a huge educational resource and as a third generation Miamian, I’m honored to be a part of the historic creation of Museum Park.

Is there anything unusual that we should expect at this year’s gala?

Our event productions team, “wow productions”, has developed a unique and memorable experience for this special evening. The event’s theme will allow guests to tap into all 5 senses when they encounter the surprise elements tied to this year’s Gala.

Who will you be wearing?

That’s the million dollar question! I’m hoping I can find the perfect dress at NYC Fashion Week.

With the new building coming on line in the near future, how does Miami benefit from having a world-class science museum in its urban core?

I’m thrilled that Miami will be united in Museum Park with the science Museum serving as its centerpiece. From our one of a kind living core aquarium showcasing the wide array of species that live amongst the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, to our above water mangroves and native Florida trees, unique galaxy exhibit, all our incredible species of snakes, spiders, exotic birds, gravity displays- it’s truly an amazing learning experience. The Museum will be a destination for all Miami residents and tourists.

Tell us a little about your committee and the important role they play.

Our committee consists of professionals who have a genuine interest in science and the future of our city. We have great team that aspires to keep this Gala as the most exciting-must attend event in Miami.

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