Five Questions for Nancy Batchelor

Jon & Nancy Batchelor

Jon and Nancy Batchelor are a power couple in Miami’s social scene. Through the Batchelor Foundation, institutions receive financial support in the fields of medicine, the arts, and wildlife conservation.

In addition to providing much needed funds, the Batchelors take on leadership roles in many fundraising events and are co-chairing the 2014 Galaxy Gala and Big Bang after party benefitting the Miami Science Museum.

In anticipation of the upcoming gala, Nancy was kind enough to answer five questions for SocialMiami.

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Click here for tickets and further info about the 12th Annual Galaxy Gala and Young Patrons Big Bang

You have chaired the Galaxy Gala before. Why have you chosen to put your time and money into the Miami Science Museum gala on multiple occasions?

Every great city has a great science museum. To me, this Museum is one of the most important institutions in town and it’s exciting to see its growth and transformation. Over the years, the Batchelor Foundation has been strong supporters the Wildlife Center. It’s something very dear to our hearts.

One of the beautiful things about the new Museum is its waterfront location in Downtown Miami. The location is booming with new developments and new residents and tourists. The location lends accessibility to the amount of people- children, adults and tourists- who will venture through the area. Existing next to PAMM, and within close proximity to the Adrienne Arsht Center, the addition of the Museum will create this trifecta of visual arts, science and performing arts, producing cultural opportunities all within reach- something that’s never existed here in the city.

I’m a strong advocate for education, and the Museum’s involvement with the public school system, and it’s really important to have a facility that opens the door to accessible education programs, no matter your income level. So much of Florida is about the environment and natural wildlife, and it’s important to educate children of tomorrow about valuable resources in Miami.

Is there anything unusual that we should expect at this year’s gala?

“wow factor” is producing the event and they always provide an unparalleled mix of creativity, ingenuity and attention to detail to everything, so this year’s theme will not disappoint! We’re calling it a “Gala”, but it’s really a party and celebration of all the people who have put their heart and soul into making the Museum become a reality. Compared to other galas, the pricing is great. And there will be no long winded speeches- just a mix of delectable food, fascinating people and lots of dancing!

The Big Bang after party also brings an extra youthful boost of energy to the setting!

Who will you be wearing?

A chartreuse gown by Oscar De La Renta

With the new building coming on line in the near future, how does Miami benefit from having a world-class science museum in its urban core?

The new location is perfect because it attracts people to the arts while bringing them to a park that they can actually experience and spend time in, instead of just driving through. Downtown Miami is becoming the hub for arts and culture and the addition of the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science will add to its cultural infrastructure that’s rapidly developing.
It’s good for locals, it’s good for tourism (because it’s also close to the beach), and it utilizes great piece of property.

Tell us a little about your committee and the important role they play.

It’s a big committee and our meetings are always fun. It’s just a big mix of energetic and ambitious individuals from all different industries. The meetings give us a chance to update board members on what’s going on in the Museum so they become ambassadors to the public.

We also have a Big Bang committee that caters to the younger crowd, as our next generation of youth will really be the ones bringing their children, and their children’s children to the Museum. We want to incorporate youth into our decision making progress and not exclude them.

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