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If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun!
As a designer, I believe it’s my job NOT to do what is expected or common.
I’m always soul searching for a fresh approach. Now this is easier to do with some clients than with others. The magic arrives during the initial planning. My clients are my inspiration, I listen and then I begin to See the vision come together…….THE DRESS!

Cast a Spell on Your wedding Day with the Perfect Palette!

The times call for a bold and daring bride is that you?

Most of my brides are looking to create a Modern and elegant story.
Simple gold and white? Expected done and then all forgotten about!
When it comes to expressing your intentions, why whisper when you can shout?
At times, the bold use of a vibrant color makes everything more exciting and edgy… The perfect color palette does far more than just create a backdrop, it evokes a mood!
Color stirs the emotions, creating the ambiance, the mood, feeding all the senses the journey to a successful event.
It comes from all the planning with a talented designer and event firm.
The wedding day becomes the set for the crew! Lights camera action let the story unfold.
The day of your wedding, all the planning comes to play and hopefully you will have a successful game.

Tips to success…
Work on the dress. The wedding dress starts the script for the story.

Modern Brides, they are exceedingly feminine with a touch of glamour and flair. Silk taffeta and crystal beaded dropped waist gowns, Ruffled tulle ball gown with Swarovski encrusted bodice…the times have changed for the best!
For the bridesmaids, we all know about the perfect black cocktail dress great idea; Does it always work? Be selective, no yellow, teal and always elegance, they are part of the story.

The Groom and his close friends, no one remembers what the groom looked like? Even though at times he’s hard to miss.
Style the men, for we need them in the picture. Simple is not always better, at times simple is flat! No teal ties, no purple ties we are not attending prom!
The Moms, use style and please no gold taffeta.
Create the vision; let it be you and sometimes it pays to be daring!

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