Gunn in Aventura

Fashion guru Tim Gunn sets the style

By Amanda Del Duca

Tim Gunn offered personal style advice at Kate Spade in Aventura Mall.

To about 60 people, Gunn provided tips on taking a chance with personal style and how accessories can transform anything. Using Spade’s new spring line, Gunn explained how to wear key pieces and how to go from day to night flawlessly.

Gunn is the current Chief Creative Officer for the Liz Claiborne Company; author of A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style; host to his own TV show, Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style and most commonly known as the beloved mentor to designers on Lifetime’s Project Runway.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Say no to the “It” bag. Why? It has a short lifespan and it’s more prudent to buy classics or pieces that will become classics. “The only item that serves one purpose is a wedding dress,” Gunn said.
  • Your clothes need to multi-task. Buy pieces that are appropriate for the workplace but then add a funky shoe or a chunky necklace to jazz the look up for night.
  • Key buying metallic. “Metallic’s aren’t going away. They are fresh and look good,” Gunn said. Buying a metallic shoe or bag is a good investment because it can dress up a look while adding personality and sparkle.
  • Invest in a blazer. A fitted blazer over any outfit will instantly give you a tailored and professional look.

Gunn also revealed to onlookers that the new season of Project Runway will air “soon,” and that he was just approved to pen another style guidebook.

Viewers however, won’t be seeing another season of Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, well at least not on Bravo.

“Bravo is mad at me. They don’t like that I followed Project Runway to Lifetime,” he said. But Gunn did mention Lifetime might be interested in a reworking of the show and added that he was very pleased with the network.

On a final note, Gunn urged the crowd to let your clothes tell about you and as always, ‘Make it Work!’

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