Shanea Savors: Sugarfina at Aventura Mall

Luxury has never tasted so sweet

Aventura Mall in Miami keeps getting better and better. Now a new shop has opened on the lower level called Sugarfina. This is Florida’s first Sugarfina shop which now joins their 16 other retail locations. Sugarfina is a luxury candy boutique for grown-ups, featuring 150 plus gourmet sweets from small artisan candy makers from around the world. It was named the best candy shop by Food and Wine. Its owner Rosie O’Neill and her fiancé Josh opened their first retail store in 2013. Now they have watched their company grow to 12 locations in Nordstrom stores throughout the US. Let’s hope CANADA gets one in one of their Toronto stores.

The candies are quite unique. Try the champagne gummy bears made with Dom Perignon, and single malt cordials. The packaging and presentation is beautiful. I love their customized bento boxes, where you can choose the selection. They also make great personal or private gifts, and party favours.

The store has a lovely aesthetic too, but this does up the price on the item when you have to pay for the packaging and overhead.

Sugarfina even made Oprah’s favourite list.

The store has a candy concierge to help you with your custom gifts and events. The owners travel the world to bring you these beauties and they say that 3/4’s of their products aren’t available elsewhere in the United States.

It is a good thing I have some dentists in my family … *wink*.


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