Jammin’ at Joey’s with Myra Wexler . Installment #5

Pablo Cano Heads an All-Art Lineup

Charlie Cinnamon, Myra Wexler, Danilo de la Torres

What a perfect day for a Jam. Artists and friends gathered together at the table talking about the arts. Their projects. Their work. Their vision. Their journey. The process.

The quality of shared beliefs and expounding on things one would not necessarily have given much thought to before takes on a whole new meaning within the dynamics of The Table.

Miami artist, Pablo Cano, was at The Table. He’s currently working on “Pablo Cano’s Magical Marionette and Puppet Theater” gallery and workshop, which is scheduled to open in November 2011 at the new Young at Art Children’s Museum in Davie.

Not to be missed, his new show @MOCA titled “Pablo Cano – The Seven Wonders of the Modern World.” The piece was written by Carmen Pelaez in collaboration with Cano. The choreography is by Katherine Kramer and it opens on December 11 and runs through January 9, 2011.

“He creates a dream world where inanimate objects come to life springing from his imagination in the Surrealist tradition.” — canoart.com

Tony Ardavin, an artist and former gallery owner in Atlanta, retired and moved back to Miami to pursue his art. He is presently working from his studio at Art Center/South Florida on Lincoln Road. Tony does the most remarkable three dimensional creations, along with his flawless oil painting and incredibly beautiful drawings. He was co-curator from Pablo Cano’s recent show at BAC.

Marilyn Gottlieb Roberts enthusiastically described the project she has been working on since the ‘80’s. Telling her star stories in a comic book format, the working title at this time is “A Durable Tale and Graphic Report with Almanacs.”

Marilyn Gottlieb Roberts and Pablo Cano

As a child she was fascinated by her grandfather’s almanacs. Hunting for memory of antique star lore in West Aftrica, she pursued a residency as a Teaching/Research Fulbright Scholar at the University of Jos in Nigeria. Having been classically trained as a painter, she taught art studio and art history for 30 years at the Wolfson Campus of Miami Dade College. In fact, it turns out she was a teacher to Pablo Cano.

Multi-talented artist, David Rohn, was at the table. His current performance piece, “Achetypes In Character,” just took place at Jazzart. He was accompanied by Danilo de la Torre a/k/a Adora, who, by the way, is trained in classical ballet. Together they collaborated in 2008 with “Homo Sapiens” (art for evolution) and produced a performance piece titled “Silencio,” which was shown at Miami Beach Cinematheque and The Wolfsonian. Check out You Tube for both of their works.

Photographer and multi-media artist, Deborah Mitchell stopped by. “Deborah Mitchell’s Documenting Our Contemporary Wetlands” has just opened at The Museum of The Everglades. It is free and open to the public and will be running through June 28.

We loved hearing about “The Leaf Project,” which introduces elementary school children with a list of endangered species in Florida. They stamp the name of their chosen plant or animal on a dried leaf that is then dipped in resin and strung on a line and photographed in the wilderness.

Tina Salvesen

Shooting a wonderful lunch was photographer Cesar Barroso. He was the photographer for BAC’s catalog, “Found Objects Found Love – 30 Years of Art with Pablo Cano 1980-2010.” Click here to see his wonderful candids of The Jam.

Adrienne von Lates, Director of Education at The Bass Museum was at The Table. As was African Art Collector/Scholar, Vilma Garabaghi. They both added so much to a special afternoon. Writer and editor, Marlene Sholod, and marketing/PR consultant, Rosemary Ravinal also joined us at The Table.

We were honored that publicist, Charlie Cinnamon, an icon in his own right, joined us. Arriving late, Glenna Norton came with photo’s of Charlie from the 1970’s…A real walk down memory lane.

We all left feeling grateful for the beautiful day. We had shared meaningful and engaging conversation with wonderful friends. Who could ask for anything more?

Ah. Life is good.

My next Jam is scheduled for Friday, May 28 from noon to 2 p.m. Stay tuned and remember that Jammin at Joey’s takes place the last Friday of each month. Hope to see you there.

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