BBBS Miami’s Jazz at Joe’s

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami's highly anticipated brunch fundraising event brings together Miami's top philanthropists and community leaders.

Brittnie Bassant, Karyl Argamasilla, Jennifer Marques, and Friends
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami recently held its highly anticipated brunch fundraising event, Jazz at Joe’s, which each year brings together Miami’s top philanthropists and community leaders – including co-chairs Melanie Dickinson of South Florida Business Journal and Lisa Ross of rbb Communications – at the world-famous Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami Beach. This electrifying gathering marked the grand kickoff to a season filled with opportunities to empower local youth, thanks to the generosity of sponsors such as Power Financial Credit Union, Ryder, Courier Networks, Steel Resources, LLC, and JP Morgan Chase.
Cristina Gimenez Ben-Shmuel, Carolina Menendez, Michael Goldberg, and friends
Dahiana Nino, Ben Tobin, Isabelle DeFrancisco, Gene Sevilla-Sacasa, and friends
Daniel Junior, Dr. Jaffus Hardrick, Thomas Eugene
Emma Pacetti, Olivier de Lavalette, Dori Shwirtz, Chary Rico Torres, James Williams, Shelly Fano, and friends
Erin Knight, Addison Hoover, and friend
Jeff Fisher, Sarkis Anac, Jordan Niefeld, Pam Levi, Jaime Levi, Sergio Altomare, Shai Wolkowicki, John Mekras, David Freedman, Erin Freedman
Jenny Kennedy & Judge Bronwyn C. Miller
Jenny Kennedy & Judge Bronwyn C. Miller
Jill Masur, Judge Bronwyn C. Miller, Debbie Young, Carol Suroweic, Ilene Diaz, Judge Migna Sanchez Llorens, Cristina Conde
John Grisham & Lourdes Tudela
John Grisham & Lourdes Tudela
Julie & Mike Moran
Julie & Mike Moran
Joshua Prever, Gale Nelson, Irie, Akin Ayodele, & Allan Prindle
Katie Blanco Bourdeau, Josie Wang, & Maria Rogers
Lisa Ross, Gale Nelson, & Melanie Dickinson
Matt Gorson, Gale Nelson, & Matthew Allen
Renee Lopez-Cantera & James Williams
Rudy Beeck, Kristy Garcia, Michael Murgado, Kathleen Ross, Avesta Shaygannik, & Gale Nelson
Shauntell Nelson, Gale Nelson, Jennifer Grant, & Gerald Grant
Susana Cisneros & Karina Alvarez
Susana Cisneros & Karina Alvarez
Sonia Gibson, Neyva Raola, Miriam Salazar, & Betty Barrios
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