Pawpurrazzi: A Purr-Fect Jaunt into the Wilds of Africa

Benefiting The Humane Society Of Greater Miami

Pat and Milton Wallace with Jake, Chloe and Charity

Dogs of all shapes, sizes and personalities grabbed their owners and their cameras for a once in a lifetime Serengeti adventure into the wilds of Africa, or otherwise known as Pawpurrazzi, the over the top event that benefits the Humane Society of Greater Miami. Raising $600,000 and leading the group of 500 animal loving philanthropists of South Florida, were bone-a-fide chairs, Pat and Milton Wallace, Bunny Bastian and Honorary Chairman, Nora Bulnes. South Motors was the presenting sponsor for the seventh year. Representing The Batchelor Foundation, Sandy Batchelor, and Nancy and Jon Batchelor, accepted the Golden Hall of Fame award in addition to Penny and Roe Stamps, representing the Stamps Family Foundation, also accepting their award into the Golden Hall of Fame.

The “Great Pets Who Walk in Front of Great People” show was the highlight of the evening, where more than 25 exclusive guests and their furry friends walked the runway. After the show, guests enjoyed a compilation video of the wonderful adventure and celebration of cats. The silent auction, organized by Marisa-Cisneros-Rizzon, Ann Rubino, and Juan Lopez, Vice President and General Manager of Saks Fifth Avenue, Dadeland, featured amazing haute couture items – there was nothing ordinary at this auction.

Nancy and Jon Batchelor, Sandy Batchelor

Some of the evening’s other stars and supporters included Alicia Celorio of Do Unto Others; Anna Rentz; Dr. Fredric S. Brandt; Linda and Patrick McEnany; Yvonne and Chas Eldredge; Sheila and Frank Kuhl of Coconut Grove Gallery & Interiors; Mayor and Mrs. Carlos Gimenez; Dr. Brigitt Rok and Alan Potamkin; Ruby Bacardi; Joyce and Skip Dickerson; Ani and Ernesto de la Fe; Nancy Denison; Lola and Donald Jacobson; DJ and Steve Kerr; Irene Korge; Helene and Marc Kovens; Alison and John Kunkel; Dr. Bern Levine; Martaligia and Carlos Lopez-Cantera; Ray Marchman and Joe Siolek; Ana and Cecil Milton; Jackie and Jorge Munilla; Ed Joyce of Northern Trust; Steve Feinberg of Pet Supermarket; Royal Media Partners; Ann and Frank Rubino; Gladys Rustan Hernando; David Bruce of Ryder Charitable Foundation; Linda and Paul Sugrue; Maggie and Jorge Villacampa and Brian Mormille of U.S. Trust; and Sandy Zankl. Homeless cats weren’t forgotten at Pawpurrazzi; after the runway show an entertaining video showcasing the wonderful adventure of cats was shown, to everyone’s delight (maybe excluding the dogs).

The event began with a cocktail reception filled with fun activities for both two and four-legged guests and a grand selection of delicious hors d’oeuvres. Next came a five-star dinner followed by a “fantasy-come-true” dessert buffet. Thanks to Bern Levine and Andy Juska of Jungle Island, the food was simply superb. This “purr-fect” party ended with seven homeless dogs starting new lives in wonderful and loving homes.

Mark your calendar for Pawpurrazzi 2016, scheduled for Friday, January 22, 2016! For more information, call or email Laurie Hoffman at 305-749-1815 or

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