Power of the Purse 2024

The Women's Fund attributes the event's great success to the amazing volunteers, staff, board members, and host committee.

Priscilla Dames Blake, Leigh-Ann Buchanan, Lisa Albizu-Vazquez, Charlene van Dijk, Connie Lewin, Marye Meyer, Laurie Michaels, Laine Shakerdge, Robbie Bell

Power of the Purse is always about the power of our attendees and The Women’s Fund attributes the event’s great success to the amazing volunteers, staff, board members, and host committee who made the program – and the whole ballroom – truly come to life.

The event was a vibrant celebration, featuring stunning auction items, captivating presentations, and an atmosphere of unity and purpose. Attendees enjoyed a memorable evening, with moments beautifully captured in photos that reflect the spirit and excitement of the day. The collective enthusiasm and generosity of everyone involved reinforced the organization’s mission.

The Women’s Fund extends its deepest gratitude to all who participated and contributed to making Power of the Purse 2024 an unforgettable experience.

Amanda Nicol, Meme Ferré, Sabina Cornely, Arathi Ramappa, Mark Nedlin, Shirlee Fernandez, Victor Williams
Lucia Davis-Raiford, Mayor Daniella Levine Cava
Alexandra Ramos, Thor the dog
Alexandra Ramos, Thor the dog
Judith Villar Del Saz, Carrie Feit, Malene Erven, Cindy Lerner, Cecelia Tavera-Webman, Melissa Dynan, Jackie Gross Kellogg, Kim Foster

Power of the Purse 2024, Here’s What Attendees Said:

“What an impressive, Broadway-worthy program!”
“That may have been the best non-profit event I have ever been to.”
“Loved the program, it was informative, sobering, and inspiring.”
“People were chanting in the elevator when we left-what a success!”

Sitting down_ Tamara Taitt, Jamarah Amani, Sheila Simms, Anna Hochkammer, Maria Corina Vegas Standing up_ Mindy Aguirre, Jennifer Gibbs, Jeri B. Cohen, Laura Rodriguez
Sitting down_ Rosemary Carrera, Diana Wanza, Andrea Wanza, Raashida Meadows Standing up_ Maria Elena Ruffner, Sunitha Abraham, Veronica Korbenfeld, Marya Meyer, Nora Viñas, Monica Bustinza, Leticia Jack, Christina Villanueva
Sitting down_ Paulette Pfeiffer (Tinkerbell), Dr. Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall, Tishria Mindingall Standing up_ Lina Ramsey, Marya Meyer, Marie Latortue Lindor, Elaine Black, Representative Marie Woodson, Rachel Tourgeman, Priscilla Dames Blake
Anthony Abraham Foundation Royal Table
Ann Machado, Mayor Daniella Levine Cava
Claudia Sotolongo Gonzalez, Marya Meyer, Priscilla Dames Blake, Elise Scheck Bonwitt, Dr. Maria Ilcheva, Arathi Ramappa, Michelle Caba, Ann Machado, Lucia Davis Raiford, Miriam Altman-Reyes, Joan Godoy, Denise Calle
Mark Trowbridge
Lucia Davis Raiford, Judge Carroll Kelly
Marya Meyer, Marleine Bastien
Marya Meyer
Marya Meyer
Mayor Daniella Levine Cava
Jamora Arroyo-Jefferson
Dr. Maria Ilcheva
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