Prince of the Arts

The PlayGround Theatre honored Charlie Cinnamon, Miami’s longtime arts publicist, for his unending passion and devotion to the arts with a special evening performance of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. More than 300 people packed The PlayGround Theatre for the guest of honor’s cameo appearance. Cinnamon danced The Lobster Quadrille, with partner 8th grader Katrina Gawel and The PlayGround Theatre cast. Cinnamon, known as Miami’s Cultural Ambassador, was named a Champion of the Arts (2009); honored with the Carbonell Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts (1983); founded the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, and is a dear friend to The PlayGround Theatre. He is a Prince of the Arts! Pictured: Toby Lerner Ansin, Charlie Cinnamon, Stephanie Ansin. Photo by Mitchell Zachs.
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