Q&A with Joe Zee at Valentino

ELLE's Creative Director Talks to SocialMiami

Valentino at Bal Harbour Shops hosted a shopping and charity event with ELLE magazine creative director Joe Zee. As part of the shop’s A-Zee month in conjunction with ELLE, Zee is the namesake of the magazine’s movement to stimulate local retail economies. Hosts Andria Ares Holtz, Paola Pacheco and Esther Porto invited guests to the upscale retailer for cocktails and personal styling by the talented and charitable Joe Zee. In support of Rally for Kids with Cancer Scavenger Cup, Valentino donated 10 percent of sales to the Holtz Children’s Hospital and International Kids Fund.

SocialMiami’s Amanda Del Duca sat down with Joe Zee to talk ELLE, Miami style, Victoria Beckham and a little bit of charity.

AD: Elle is known for representing the sexy, trendy woman. What fall trends should the sexy, trendy Miami woman follow?

High, hot, sexy, platform, peep- toe shoes, love. I love that look right now and everyone here has hot tan legs! And I love the Valentino leopard bag. Dying for the leopard bag.

AD: Totally, animal print is everywhere. What is your favorite part of your job?

I love every part. Because every single day is completely different and I am always traveling, the variety makes it really fun. I just flew here from Chicago for Oprah,I am here in Miami today and tomorrow I’ll be in LA for an ELLE cover photo shoot.

AD: Oohh! Who is the cover girl?

I can’t tell you! But I can say that she looks amazing.

AD: What style or certain designer comes to mind when you think of Miami?

[laughs] Tonight, Valentino.

AD: Any chances for an insider look at ELLE magazine like Vogue’s September Issue documentary?

R.J. Cutler, the director, is a personal friend of mine and he did a phenomenal job. I don’t know if we could do any better, so no plans right now.

AD: Did you style the October ELLE issue with Victoria Beckham?

I did. Did you like it?

AD: Yes, it is my favorite. The high-waisted bathing suit, I died.

I had it made with Diane Von Furstenberg. That was my classic iconic look for her. Only she can pull that off, hot and sexy, chic and all about fashion. I’m so glad you liked it.

AD: It was amazing…Of course, tonight some of the proceeds support the Rally for Kids with Cancer. There’s a growing trend where fashion and philanthropy blend together, what are your thoughts?

I think it’s fantastic. Fashion wheels a lot of influence and people are attracted to the glamorous mystery of fashion and the things we do. So, if we can help, especially right now, in these particular times, why not? Marry those things together in a way that feels organic and not forced. I have been traveling non-stop but I want to and its fun, any little way I can help, it makes it better for all of us.

AD: Are there any charities in particular you support?

ELLE supports multiple charities. I support GLAAD, but in general I just try to help where I can.

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