Five Questions for Joe Peleg

Joe Peleg

How did you come up with the concept of Friends Fun Wine in a Can?

I wanted to introduce a new category of drink to the industry and the masses. The New Lifestyle Drink …as our tagline says. I wanted to create something that was never done before in the beverage industry – A drink that is on-the-go, tastes great, low in alcohol, low in calorie intake… a drink that men like and women love!

When did you move to Miami and how have you seen this city grow?

I moved to Miami 5 years ago, and there is no place in the world like it! FUN is in the air, and you can feel it everywhere…which inspired our collection. The lifestyle of Miami: beach, pool, boating, concerts…all inspired The New Lifestyle Drink and “on-the-go” collection.

Since the launch we have been involved with many local events, art shows, concerts, and popular bars, restaurants, clubs in the city. Events included Artopia, Miami Eats & Beats, Wynwood Gallery, SOBE Food & Wine, Magic City Casino, Pink Fashion Show at Neiman Marcus at Bal Harbor, The Miami Filmore Samba night), and the collaboration of local business owners and venues is amazing! You can see that the people love the city and support each other in growth. I see a lot of partnerships, collaborations…and FUN!

What organizations in Miami do you support and why?

Through our events and collaborations we have supported Camillus House, Miami Children’s Museum, Irie Foundation, The Orphaned Starfish Foundation

How do you anticipate your brand growing in the immediate future?

Right now, we are looking to expand our reach, and make sure that everyone can enjoy Friends Fun Wine In A Can. We are looking into music and sporting venues, hotels, bars, restaurants, airlines, cruises, and more retailers to carry Fun Wine In A Can. And of course, we always look for more ways to create surprising new flavors and drink experiences!

The response has been amazing this far. Friends Fun Wine is currently available in 15 states including: Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia. (adding more locations to the list every month), and is carried by retailers such as: Walmart, Wegmans, Winco, Whole Foods, Save A Lot, Sedano’s, 7-Eleven, Shop Rite, Rite-Aid, Tops, Marsh, Kroger’s, Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Daily’s and A&P. Convenient stores such as: BP, Chevron, Citgo, Gate Petroleum, Mobile/Exxon, Shell, Sunoco, Texaco, and others. It is also available at Magic City Casino, The Filmore in Miami Beach, select Marriot and Sheraton as well as other hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and country clubs, in addition to Spirit Airlines.

How do you spend your free time in the Magic City?

I take walks on the beach, work out and enjoy the beautiful views and weather. I enjoy good food and fun wine!

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