“Reflections” at C-Art

C-Art Gallery, in collaboration with the prestigious Marlborough Gallery in New York, presented “Reflections.” Curated by Kosme de Baraños, the show took place at O. Ascanio Gallery as a “pop-up” exhibition. For his first solo exhibition in Miami, David Rodriguez Caballero presented 30 aluminum, brass and vinyl art works. His characteristic aluminum and brass pieces are from his metal series, while his vinyl works form part of an independent series that juxtaposes different layers of monochrome acetate resulting in a paint-like finish. Caballero arrived in Miami for his solo exhibition after a strong showing at the Marlborough New York and Madrid that were well received by the public, critics and art collectors. In addition, his work was recently showcased at Art Basel Miami Beach, The Armory Show and Arco.

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