Resolution Revolution

Brought to you by The Sports Club/LA Miami

By Violette Sproul

Researches say that the average weight gain from Thanksgiving to New Years is 7 pounds. The result: New Year’s Resolution.

This season make things different. Rev up your fitness routine now and don’t wait for the New Year cliché.

Here are our top five recommendations to get you focused and on target to train and not gain.

1. Establish a fitness routine and make it a habit. Schedule your fitness time in your calendar just like you would an important business meeting. If you have tried this concept before and have failed within a few weeks, then you need to hire a certified and experienced trainer. A trainer will keep you focused, push you harder, and make you accountable to train. The Sports Club/LA Miami at the Four Seasons has certified and experienced trainers by the NASM (National Academy of Sports Academy) with almost all having advanced degrees in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology.

2. Change up your routine by making it exciting and fun. Don’t stick to things that bore you. Try Video-Sync, Boxing and Bellydancing classes at The Sports Club/LA. These are dynamic classes that are inspirational and led by Miami’s best instructors.

3. Which diet are you doing now? Who knows, as every day there is a new cabbage soup or all protein diet promising to be the answer. Our tip is to visit our very own Holistic Health Counselor, Nell Seigel. She not only holds degrees in Exercise Science but in Nutrition and Weight Management as well. Attend one of her complimentary nutrition seminars and learn how to eat healthy and holistically, which will help you obtain your fitness and health goals. Her next complimentary lectures are on Monday, December 3 and Thursday December 6. The topic: Healthy eating over the holidays.

4. Relax and renew yourself for all of your hard work and dedication. Try a new spa treatment. One of our favorite spa treatments for the holiday season is the Thai Massage treatment by therapist Kadir Marrero at Splash Spa. Thai Massage is also known as the “lazy man’s yoga.” This treatment approaches the body, mind and spirit. This treatment involves the therapist using palms, thumbs, elbows and knees to work on energy lines. It’s the stretch needed to open your body up.

5. Be Happy! Socialize with friends and give back to the world. Research shows that if you give back through the means of charity or giving, it will make you happier. If you don’t know where to start, you may begin by attending one of the Club’s charity events. Below are two favorites both held at The Sports Club/LA Miami.

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