Shanea Savours: Traymore Restaurant (South Beach, Miami)

Not every restaurant is trendy or a scene. A restaurant doesn’t have to be hot to be good.

The Traymore Restaurant at the Art Deco Metropolitan by Como hotel isn’t cool but it it is low key, warm and inviting.

It is tucked away in the back of the hotel lobby. It is a bright, airy, quiet oasis. The staff are attentive, friendly and the management are hands on trying to make sure everything runs smoothly.

I loved the new touch this year of the warm hand towels given before dinner that have the mint and eucalyptus scent that is also used in all the spa products by Como.

The menu is American spotlighting seafood such as tender octopus, sweet shrimps, crab and lobster. They also have beef for the carnivores.

The Traymore also offers a second menu of signature Shambhala cuisine which is uber healthy and light. It promotes better health through nutritional eating, with a focus on gluten free, with some vegan and raw creations. Although the food is low in fat the choices are delicious for the most part.

Everything is sourced from the best farms, and the fish and seafood are so fresh. They serve a fabulous crusty sourdough bread, and I loved the corn and chanterelle mushroom soup. The poached halibut with the sunchokes and the snapper with beans were both great choices. The bar serves craft cocktails and incorporate a lot of fresh juices and infused herbs.

For dessert we had a fabulous orange and chocolate creation with meringue and liquid filled truffles. The plate looked like a piece of art.

Kudos to General Manager, Javier Beneyto, for running a first-class operation. He seems to be on top of everything.

So if you are prepared to go for a quiet, fresh, interesting and appealing dinner you won’t be disappointed.

2445 Collins Avenue # 305-695-3660 Recommend.

Happy Dining, Shanea

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