Site Specific Performance Series – September Recap

Rene Henriquez, Shana Huang

The Miami Design District’s fall rendition of its performing arts series, Site Specific, got off to a wonderful start with three attention grabbing acts.

The first act featured the Avante Gard theatrical troupe, Mad Cat Theatre Company. The Miami Shores-based company, led by Paul Tei, kicked off the evening with a truly site-specific piece inspired by the building in which they played, the Design District’s Moore Building.

“Rebel Yell” took its cues from the building’s permanent sculpture, “Elastika”, created by famed architect Zaha Hadid and questioned her alliance with Qatar and the inadequate working conditions of their migrant workers who are constructing stadiums to host the 2022 World Cup. Hadid designed the stadiums and has apparently turned a blind eye to the abhorrent working conditions.

The show’s climax featured an accordion player singing Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell into a megaphone, while a worker climbed ropes to the building’s third floor balcony where a blindfolded task master snapped a whip.

Casey Garcia, Carlos Gomez

“In the midnight hour, she cries Moore. Moore, Moore.”

Act two brought the audience the Garden Building’s second floor space for a performance presented by the Arsht Center and University of Miami’s School of Theatre. The group performed a scene from Peter and the Star Catcher, which will be performed at the Arsht Center throughout October.

Act three brought the audience back to the Moore Building’s second floor space for a funky performance by Bird Road Arts District favorite, Speakfridays. The performance mixed spoken word with funky blues. The hip nature of the act worked perfectly with Moore’s soaring atrium backlit from the 40th Street lights cascading through the building’s floor-to-ceiling windows.

These were the first performances of the fall season. Site Specific continues on the third Saturdays of the month during October and November.

Photos by Manny Hernandez

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