SOCIAL Manny: Epsiode 98

Manny Hernandez photographed a couple of fantastic birthday blowouts in this latest edition of SOCIAL Manny. Features are Randy and Gigi Whitman at Randy’s Groovy birthday in Coral Gables, Kim Wood, Jo Ellen Strump, Michelle Payer, Carolyn Travis, Stanley Whitman, Phyllis Whitman, Alison and David Levin, Barry Brodsky, Paulina Nevens, Bruno de Granada and Gingi Beltran at the home of Fati and Michel Rosenberg for Michel’s birthday party, Oscar Seikaly, Carole Seikaly, Frank Amadeo, Louis Aguirre, Lara Rosenberg, Adriana de Moura, Criselda Breene and Jonathan Breene and more …

Photos by Manny Hernandez

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