SocialMiami Remembers: Penelope “ Penny” Angleton

In the words of her son, James Angleton Jr.

Miami early on was not as Social as today and yet there were only a handful of powerful, dynamic, extrovert A-type Ladies who ensured the Music, Arts and Socialness of Miami was on par with great cities like: Paris, New York, London and Tokyo. Penelope “ Penny” Angleton, her given name by her friends was a person who philanthropically gave under the pseudo Anonymous and ensured the Cancer Society, Jackson, Miami Heart Institute, UM School of Music and funding for grants and scholarships continued. She and several others were the founders for today’s Young Patronesses of the Opera, original founders of the Miami Opera Guild and Society. She hosted Opening Night Opera Cast and Benefactor after Dinners and Breakfasts. It was not uncommon for her to invite 200-300 for a seated dinner at home in Bay Point and you never knew who would be there. She once insisted that Pavarotti who attended one of those after parties sing in 3 languages, Happy Birthday to her in order to have a large slice of Birthday Cake. She gave of her time to mentor up-and-coming Opera Singers, quietly financed their educations and never expected a thank you.  She and her friends created 12 Best Dressed Women of Miami as a way to raise funds for Non-Profits and it became a huge success and is still ongoing today. The world has changed and Society in Miami has lost a benefactor who gave so much yet had time to conduct business and assisted her husband James Angleton, Sr who passed away earlier, in his many businesses. Later in life, Penny met a new love of her life Richard Behernd and they continued to travel the world and visit homes in Canada, Ohio, Port Charlotte and Bal Harbour, FL. Penny had celebrated her 89th birthday prior to her death days later peacefully at home.

— James Angleton Jr. 

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