SocialMiami Welcomes: Marile Lopez

SocialMiami welcomes as its new contributor Marile Lopez, a philanthropist, community leader, mother-of-five and the CFO of the Jorge Luis Lopez Esq. Law Firm. Whether you’re in her inner circle or you’ve read about her work in the news or perhaps have seen photos of Lopez supporting countless organizations (it’s got to be one of the three) you know that she cares about Miami and she’s interested in the people who live here. The heads of government and those working to further each agency’s goals, the non-profits and the people that they serve, and also Miami’s colossal businesses and each one’s financial and philanthropic footprints, Lopez celebrates and supports people and companies who make our city great. And that’s particularly true for those who do so after overcoming challenges. Lopez knows about the plights and the gifts that lie within the community because she works with people, she speaks to people, she listens to people and now, for, she will report on people. SocialMiami rarely employs writers-for-hire but rather, publishes the words of authorities in their fields, experts on their subject matters. There’s no disputing that Lopez is skilled at the job of knowing who’s making a difference and who has a story from which we can all draw inspiration. SocialMiami is excited to present to you the monthly column work and we’re confident you’ll soon share in our enthusiasm. — Brett Graff

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