SocialMiami Virtual Fundrasiers by Rolando D. Rodriguez

This crisis is different, mostly because it's evolving into a unique opportunity for a reallocation of priorities and resources.

To All of Our Philanthropic Friends:

The world is changing, and fundraising is changing along with it. The last thing we can do as non-profits is to stop raising awareness and funds. This crisis is different, mostly because it’s evolving into a unique opportunity for a reallocation of priorities and resources.

It’s time to plan your Virtual Fundraiser.

Millions are sitting home in constant amazement, wondering many things: What’s on television? What’s in the fridge? What can I do to help? And many are ready to act on their feelings when properly prompted.

We can’t go anywhere, but can all work together to help others by reviving our causes throughout all stages of this crisis. All indications are that individuals are giving now, and willing to act. And all signals are that giving will continue from those who remain in a position to help.

I have seen virtual galas replace in-person events and raise $600,000. The same for runs, walkathons and any number of existing peer-to-peer efforts. It’s all happening right now folks, not later.

For many non-profit organizations, the immediate need is to develop the capacity for virtual fundraising.

Introducing, SocialMiami Virtual Fundraisers by Rolando D. Rodriguez.

The ways in which we can help you accomplish your goals over the computer are endless. Whether it is turning a walkathon into a virtual event, or launching a crowdfunding or peer to peer campaign, online fundraising is exploding. Zoom is zooming, and so are the virtual fundraising solutions.

We’re not talking about a GoFundMe page.

A truly successful effort takes a seasoned Virtual Fundraiser and we have developed five straightforward steps to help you reach your goals. Plus, we have the publicity plan firmly in place. The challenge can sound daunting, but for us, it isn’t. It’s a process that follows a step-by-step logical progression, and which is then implemented during a period of four to six weeks. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

To get started on the first consultation – that one comes at no charge – email one of us and we’ll set it up.

Stay safe.

Rolando D. Rodriguez, Crosspoint Philanthropy,, 305-726-4904

Brett Graff, SocialMiami Editor & CEO,, 305-778-3021

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