Style Encounter: Amber Rapicavoli

Amber and I met in a boutique in Wynwood. She has a style that makes her look comfortable as well as empowered; she is warm, and when she smiles, her face opens happily. She loves food – actually “good food,” and not to give it all away, I’ll tell you this: Amber is married to Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli so good taste, good food and good style are prevalent in her family.

Name: Amber Rapicavoli

Occupation: Entrepreneur.

FB – Generation? (I am not asking age, but the generation that defines her style.)

AR – I’ve always found the 1920’s very intriguing – a period of youthful rebellion, individuality and the raw energy of independence – and the fabulous flapper dress! But the 1960’s style generation inspires me most; where iconic fashion emerged from youthful rebellion – mod (sleek & stylish), rocker (leather-clad) and hippie (casual & undefined)!

FB – What brought you to Miami?

AR – Born & raised! What keeps me here — MI FAMIGLIA!

FB – Charitable, non-profit or philanthropic organization of choice?

AR – Many, but those organizations affiliated with fighting hunger and cancer hit closest to home. My family and I also actively support the Slow Food movement.

FB – Which article of clothing do you begin with when you get dressed? (People swear it’s their shoes, others the jewelry; we love variety and inspiration.)

AR – My outfit typically starts with my mood … and then my shoes.

Amber Rapicavoli

FB – You have been living in Miami long enough that . . .?

AR – I forget we live in Paradise!

FB – If you were to move, what would you miss the most of Miami?

AR – The warm beaches and melting pot of food culture … especially Cuban cuisine.

FB – The book on your nightstand?

AR – I’m immersed in coffee and its culture right now … BREW by Brain W Jones and The World Atlas of Coffee by James Hoffmann.

FB – A food you can’t resist?

AR – Bread, cheese & olive oil.

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