Take the Long Way Home

Violette Sproul is The Social Mom

Committee meetings, social events, an evolving career and, oh yes, her duties as a wife and loving mother of three – SocialMiami is going Social with the Sprouls with SocialMiami’s mom on the move, Violette Sproul (rumored to be Cuban). Meet Violette’s husband Stephen (rumored to consume many cortaditos), Christoph (14 and rumored to want to consume many cortaditos), daughters Bianca (8 and only concerned in Webkinz and Nintendo DS) and Margaux Lucia (2 and only concerned in making a mess). Their life is an open book and Violette is taking us through their chaotic reality from a perspective that only the SocialMiami mom can deliver.


On the turnpike on our way back home to Key Biscayne, my first note to self is to get rid of my white Mercedes SUV and get a bigger car regardless of the lack of PC-ness. Alas, its time to get the big daddy-o caddy. I think black. No maybe gray. While my hubby drives, I sip my skim-frothed latte and reach to get some baby wipes from my handbag. Note to self: don’t purchase white Prada handbag again until kids are away in college.

We had a fabulous time in Seaside, Florida (a bit poshy and uber fabulous in a non hype sort of way). Driving 12 long hours in the car with our three kids, my hubby and our shih-tzu – what were we thinking? The girls are dressed in matching outfits, white capri’s with green frogs and matching juicy couture flip flops, the ones with a pink bow. I am thumbing through my multitude of receipts from our many Seaside ventures, and it seems all so trivial and ridiculous. I spent a few frivolous dollars at the Heavenly Shortcakes & Ice Cream Shop in Seaside. What better way to celebrate hot summer days than with homemade ice cream on a cone – with sprinkles. And then there’s Starbucks, of course. Spent quite a few ridiculous dollars there over the past 5 days, but that’s nothing new. I may now have a full blown addiction to “the bucks” which has only strengthened as a result of their newest caffeine clinic that opened two blocks from our home.

My fingers ache from working on my blackberry all week. I must remember to keep my Zen. Perhaps true Zen doesn’t need to be noted or reminded to occur – ohmmmmm – Note to self: take yoga this week, no, make it three times this week. My blackberry just buzzed again. It’s Danielle from Miami Children’s Hospital. I am on their Diamond Ball and Family Fun Day Committees. (Cute and funny story, just want to share it with you real quick. Last year, met MCH’s Connie Kazanjian on the elevator in route from lobby to floor 7 at the Four Seasons on the way to the World Economic Club luncheon. By the time we were off the elevator on floor 7 we had become dear friends and I was on their committees – an honor for me really).

Another note to self: contact Victoria Lopez Castro and reserve red gown with diamonds. It will be perfect for the Diamond Ball. Anyway, I just read through Danielle’s email and she is an absolute wizard at out of the box brainstorming regarding silent auction items. Note to self: no longer need to brainstorm on silent auction items. New note: must find fabulous opera singer, an estate in far far away location (call my friend Gary in Gratz) and a writer of a new book.

Seaside, Florida

Right then, my daughter Bianca’s Nintendo DS dies. The tick-tock of tranquility altering into chaos begins. Luckily, our 14-year-old, Christoph, is still connected to Facebook via his I-Phone. Margaux is still watching Elmo via DVD so I have a few more moments to work.

I get an email from Key Biscayne Magazine. The photo shoot is set for Friday to promote our Friends of the Miami Marine Stadium group. We have confirmed with Miami Rowing Club, Dragon boats and the spread is going to be fabulous. I am so elated. Our agenda to save the stadium is catching momentum. It’s a magical feeling really. I find myself telling everyone to visit our new website. So here I go. Please visit our new website – www.marinestadium.org. Gracias.

I am now thinking mommy needs a drink and not so much yoga. Maybe there is a yoga class in the Grove that has cocktails too. Now that would be great! I start to compose my to-do list for the next day. I look back and now Margaux has ripped out her green and white polka dot gross-grain hair ribbons, and has fragments of, I believe, chicken nuggets embedded and entwined in her locks. I hope the Burts Bees shampoo can eliminate those crumbs that seem to dangle on her every strand. Note again: have Margaux’s hair cut into a TomKat Bob prior to the commencement of preschool. Note again: visit Whole Foods in the morning. Eat all organic this week to counter the toxins we have consumed along the highway. Final note to self: bring sterling silver monogrammed flask for next drive. We have 11.5 more hours on the road, and I am already on my second skim-frothed latte.

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