The Hottest Fashion-Forward is Thinking-Forward

Do You QuantumThink? Premier Book Signing Event

Why did author Dianne Collins’ new book, Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World go flying off the shelves at Books & Books store in Bal Harbour Shops – to become the bestselling book this year in that store? Ask any of the more than 155 guests who came to buy the book signed by the author and hear Dianne Collins speak about the what, why, and how of QuantumThink – a new system of thinking she created to enable us to entertainingly and thoughtfully take a quantum leap in our thinking from the outdated concepts and views of the industrial age – and into the more advanced and accurate way of thinking in sync with quantum principles and universal spiritual wisdom.

In her lively talk Dianne gave irrefutable reasons why new thinking is essential for effectiveness and peace mind in our dramatically changing world. She explained that “new thinking” is not simply creative or clever ideas – but an entirely different perspective and framework for thinking based in a quantum world view. As the author succinctly says it, “We’re in a quantum age still using industrial age thinking – it’s not cutting it and it never will.”

Chicly attired in a sleek silver silk and cotton dress and fishnet jacket from the Ralph Lauren spring collection and red YSL platforms this intriguing woman – who one knowledgeable guest called “a philosopher of our time” – took the time to intuitively tune in and write a personalized message for each of the people who patiently waited for their signed copy of her book that Dianne says “will make you feel good about yourself and the world” just by reading it.

Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World is available now at Books & Books in Bal Harbour Shops, already shipping multiple copies around the country and the world. Call to order at 305-864-4241. In June, the book is available wherever books are sold.

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