Time for Sleep Away

Karen Meister is the camp expert

“I learned the five keys to success in life from building campfires each summer: teamwork, initiative, handling of adversity, listening well, and maintaining a sense of humor.” – Michael Eisner, former chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company.

Parents work very hard to make sure that their children get the best education and the most enriching after school programming. They work to create wholesome environments that allow children to stretch academically, athletically, creatively and spiritually. Good parents thoroughly check out schools, tutors, coaches and any other person or program that may interact with their children.

Then comes summer: time to kick back, relax, be lazy and enjoy. Children want to watch TV and play video games. If camp is in the picture, decisions are often based on the advice of neighbors. Summer accounts for 25 percent of the year, and many parents, good parents, pass it off.


Summer experiences have come such a long way that it is almost mandatory for the college and success bound to embrace that 25 percent of the year and ENJOY it wisely. Families can still unwind, have the family vacation, and then let go of the children for a while.

Summer programs allow for children and teens to develop self-identity, self-worth, self-esteem, leadership and self-respect in a natural and nurturing environment.

So, how does a parent know if their child is ready to separate?

First – take this survey by clicking here.

Most children are ready. If not, we design methods to help children develop more independence and prepare for successful (and of course, temporary) separation.

But more often than not, it is the parents who are not ready to let go, or are overwhelmed by an overabundance of information. Every program is “too” beautiful. How can parents decipher the data? A camp consultant is the answer.

Karen Meister with Camp Experts & Teens Summers is a leader in this arena. Meister has an incredible passion and knowledge of parenting and children. She personally visits programs, meets the directors, eats in the dining halls, watches the counselors and activities and dips her toes in the lakes to feel the temperature. Her attention to detail and knowledge of the industry helps parents make informed decisions about which programs meet their child’s needs.

Tween or teen, shy or outgoing, athletic or musical, into academics or simply hunting for frogs, there is an appropriate program for all children.

Meister’s consultations are confidential and complimentary. That’s right. Parents do not pay a fee for her services. Check out her website Camp Experts & Teen Summers, or Click Here to request more information.

Or, call Karen Meister, The Camp Expert, at 305-931-KiDS (5437) – and have a great summer.

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