Tropical Waters

Keeping Pretty People Cool

Tropical Waters by Terry Jacobs

The locally blended liquids that are the secrets of movie stars and their film sets— Tropical Waters by Terry Jacobs — are now available in Indulgences, a new concept by Hudson News at Miami International Airport. The product is next month heading up the coast line for travelers in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.

The spray on cooling mists ($7.50 for 1 oz and $25 for 8ozs) of locally grown aloe and herbs come in three formulas, but it’s the rose blend that’s coveted by socialites and celebrities who take their make-up seriously. That’s because after applying your foundation, powder and blush, it’s a spritz of this stuff – followed by a tissue blot — that will keep your face in place until you wash it off with soap and water.

“It’s the key to my humidity-proof system,” says Jacobs. “It’s something I developed for film crews working outside. After you use it, you can sweat all you want. Your make-up will stay perfect.”

For a full body cooling treatment, Jacob says the set of Burn Notice depends on her peppermint blend to keep everyone on camera refreshed and revitalized. “If you feel you’re getting overheated you spray it on your arms, legs and elbows,” she says.

Then there’s the fragrance-free formula that serves as the all-in-one solution for the heat that hits South Floridians head-to-toe. After sunburns or strenuous exercise, this mist will bring down your body temperature, says Jacobs. “It helps to heal because it contains the perfect amount of aloe,” she says.

Jacobs should know. The Coconut Grove makeup artist started her career at Revlon in New York and, while applying her own make up line, Cosmetics for the Tropics, has worked with notables including Hilary Clinton, Raquel Welsh, Al Gore, and Kathleen Turner. Visit her studio in Coconut Grove or find her online at

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