UNSTOPPABLE by Laura Posada

The life coach and fitness executive gives us five questions to ask ourselves for greater satisfaction every day.

The start of the year is usually the time people choose to analyze and reflect on what they want moving forward. However, sometimes life’s unexpected situations can force you to ask certain key questions. Maybe you aren’t completely satisfied with your life – very few people are in this world – and you are eager to make some changes.  I invite you to ask yourself these five questions that will really make you think outside the box and can potentially change your life forever when you answer them truthfully.

Are you proud of your life?
This is a fundamental question that you should ask yourself. Do you feel that you take advantage of every single day or do you simply exist? Are you proud of your goals, your achievements, your family, your job, your body? What do you need to add or change to add value and what will you do to get it?

How many promises do you make and how many do you keep?
A really prudent person only makes promises that they can and want to keep. If you are falling short and disappointing yourself and others, you should take a long, hard look at yourself. Evaluate what prevents you from reaching your goals and adjust accordingly.

Have you given up on a dream just because other people have told you than you can’t achieve it?
If the answer is yes, then now is the time to gather lots of confidence and self-assurance. Regardless, of your age or circumstances, you must fight for your dreams. Life is too short to allow others to influence your actions with their own insecurities and frustrations. Don’t allow people in your circle to infect you with their negativity. You are the captain of your destiny and the person who decides what you can do and how to do it.

What characteristics make you different from others?
This question will help you discover what traits and attributes help you shine. Figure out what sets you apart from the rest. Being different and unique makes you beautiful, interesting and one of a kind.  Make the most of whatever distinguishes you and use it to your advantage. Feel proud of who you are!

If the world were to end today, what would you like to do?
Imagine this extreme scenario, and the first thought that comes to your mind is probably what really matters to you. But why wait for the end of the world to do what you really want? Today is the time to do what really makes you happy. Do that one thing that is in your mind that can change your life completely.


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