VIDEO: In Process with Pablo Antonio Alvarez

Cuban-born artist Pablo Antonio Alvarez didn’t start off as an artist. Following a series of shoulder injuries that kept him at home, the New World School of the Arts graduate began drawing. The drawing eventually led to sculpture.

Alvarez is currently a resident artist downtown at the Wahab Construction headquarters. Rather than leasing the extra space in his building, Walid Wahab converted the bottom portion of his building into artists’ studios, and with the help of New World School of the Arts faculty, Wahab populates the space with recent graduates.

Alvarez’s sculptures mimic humans or animals. The skeletal units are made from plumbing pipes and wood and various other materials to create the stuffing. He then layers the skeletal unit with thick rope and nails. The process takes weeks.

Inspiration for Alvarez’s current works is derived from Miami’s most recent building boom. The talented 26 year-old photographs construction he finds interesting and abstractly re-creates the images in the studio.

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