VIDEO: Social Royalty

Sarah Arison Chats with Patrick Mcmullan

Sarah Arison Chats with Patrick Mcmullan at Design Miami Photo by Manny Hernandez

SocialMiami contributor Sarah Arison was at the VIP opening of Design Miami mingling with all of the design heavy weights when she ran into famed New York social photographer, Patrick Mcmullan. In this 3 minute conversation, Mcmullan explains why Miami is the mistress and New York is the wife before an impromptu drop in from investment banker, Gilbert Harrison. The famed photographer also identifies our very own Manny Hernandez as Miami’s biggest social photographer, and later explains the nuances that define a good social photographer. Sarah later expressed her desire to drop $300,000 on a coffee table before Mcmullan offers some good advice on investing in expensive furniture and more modestly priced pieces. Quick, witty and informative, it’s discourse “designed” for the social enthusiast.

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