Whitney Boin

Architecturally inspired, classically designed

“My clients are often those who want pieces that capture the beauty and structure of well-designed architecture.”

— Whitney Boin, American Jeweler

Whitney Boin has a reputation as one of the most innovative and technically proficient jewelry designers in the world. His award-winning original designs for engagement rings, diamond necklaces and pearl bracelets have propelled him to international acclaim and his pieces are found at prestigious galleries and stores in the United States and England.

The story of how Boin became recognized as an artist and a leader in the field is a tribute to his innate talent. Born in New Jersey to parents who were craftsmen, Boin began making art in high school. He won his first awards, The Golden Hammer Award for a mahogany table, and several Scholastic Golden Keys Awards for jewelry design and sculpture.

“I found out that the process of creating jewelry was an intense struggle to come up with a different solution, followed by a defining moment when it all comes together,” Boin remembers. “I was as surprised as anyone that jewelry would completely change my life.”

He studied under Gary Griffen and Hans Christianson at the Rochester Institute of Technology’s School for American Craftsmen. When he was 20, he took a leave of absence, convinced his parents to invest the balance of his college tuition fund in platinum and diamonds, and created pieces to enter jewelry competitions. It was not the last risk he would take. From that point on, his passion was to create pieces that presented something beyond the traditional stone in a setting.

“I want a look that is classical, but with the engineering and the feel that represent what is going on today.”

His ability to invent designs that were reminiscent of intriguing works of architecture and sculpture was immediately recognized.

The Post Collection was inspired when DeBeers presented the Diamonds of Distinction Award to Boin in 1988. It has become recognized internationally as a new definition in jewelry design. Engagement rings from the Post Collection are renowned for their purity of form. Reckless and determined to explore every nuance of fine design, Boin often experiments with new and fascinating materials.

“Steel and gold, rubber and acrylic sheet, granite, hematite, onyx, aluminum, and etched crystal… I have to find out what the implications are of integrating new materials into a piece. It is classic, simple elegance that appeals to me most,” says Boin.

Whitney Boin collections have been exhibited in London, Tokyo, Venice and major U.S. cities. In 1999 Boin founded the International Jewelry Design Guild and is a founding member of the American Jewelry Design Council. Married with two sons. His hobbies include biking, camping, wood working, and watching NASCAR races with his boys.

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