YoPros Launch Event

YoPros , a lifestyle for active young professionals, held its launch party at Maison d’Azur. The evening was celebrated by a vibrant crowd, in the majestic Mediterranean setting of Maison d’Azur’s enchanting outdoor garden. The night’s performances served as a preview for the diversity of YoPros’ forthcoming activities. Guests were treated to the sounds of Luis Bofill and his band, who provided authentic Cuban music. The supremely talented performers of Capoeira Maculele danced, played instruments, and chanted, while simulating sparring practice and vaulting through the air in their demonstration of the traditional Brazilian dance/martial art Capoeira. Several guests joined in on the act, gaining valuable experience for YoPros upcoming capoeira group lesson. The launch event kicked off the commencement of YoPros, where members are given the opportunity to participate in a wide range of daily activities on weekday evenings and weekend afternoons. These activities are related to sports/fitness, culture, food/drink, self-help/wellness, how-to and social, where future YoPros events will include going to the opera, skydiving, learning how to start your own business, mystery trips, water and air sports, wellness techniques, and learning to speak Chinese. Additionally, these activities are all offered at discounted group rates.

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