Fairchild’s 25th Annual GALA IN THE GARDEN

Set amid the dazzling array of tropical flowers and lush foliage, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden celebrated its annual gala

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, the historic botanical garden that is one of the premier conservation and education-based gardens in the world, celebrated its 25th Annual Gala in the Garden on Saturday, February 1. Set amid the dazzling array of tropical flowers and lush foliage of Fairchild Garden, the largest tropical botanic garden in the continental United States, it’s no wonder this breathtaking event is noted as one of the “Top Three Must Attend” galas by Miami Magazine.

Jennifer Montoya, Joyce Burns, Bonnie Crabtree, Chary Rico-Toro, Margaret Eidson, Swanee DiMare, Frances Sevilla-Sacasa, Ana Milton, Marile Lopez, Raphael Bastian, Lee Damus

Limited to only 400 exclusive guests, Gala in the Garden is the who’s who of South Florida philanthropists and community leaders. Each year, the lakeside venue is reimagined by a team of talented artists who create the glamorous décor and delicious cuisine. This black tie formal event began with a cocktail reception and silent auction in the Adam R. Rose and Peter R. McQuillan Arts Center, followed by a seated dinner overlooking Pandanus Lake.

Funds raised allow Fairchild Garden to continue its mission of exploring, expanding and conserving the world of tropical plants.

Gala in the Garden 2020 was chaired by Swanee DiMare and Frances Sevilla Sacasa. Notable guests included six-time Emmy award-winning TV news reporter and anchor, Laurie Jennings.

Paul and Swanee DiMare
Eugenio & Frances Sevilla Sacasa
Josh Salman, Laurie Jennings
Gabriel and Jen Montoya
Jose Luis Lopez, Marile Lopez
Mike and Dr. Margaret Eidson
Alejandro and Maria Aguirre, Mindy Marques,Fidel Gonzalez
Jane Woolridge
Robert Barlick, Ana Codina Barlick
Dan and Trish Bell
Amy and David Alexy
Charles and Myra Geragi, Pat and Ann McMullan
Judy and Jon Zeder
Bob and Andrea Dickinson
Kendall Hamersly, Michael Agrifolio
Minesh and Pin Mehta
Carol and Carl Melzer, Becky Guilford
Gary and Symeria Hudson
Rachel Mica Weiss, Haley Josephs
Patricia Abril, Ann Olazabal, Hari Natarajan, Prithi Ramakrishnan
Vivian and Jimmy Quiroga
Swanee DiMare, Frances Sevilla Sacasa
Felicia Marie Knaul, Julio Frenk
Elyze Held
Yvonne Silver, Scott Silver
Ann Olazabal, Hari Natarajan, Prithi Ramakrishnan
Dr. Margaret Eidson, Swanee DiMare
Larry and Sandi Pimentel, Bruce Greer
Avi Eckstein, Jackie Kaplan
Cameron Sisser, Leslie Lorenzi
AR Lopez, Rocio Marie
Sonia Gibson, John Grisham
Patrick and Jodi Farrell
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