A Conversation with Lin Arison

Miami's Great Arts Patron

In this five-part conversation with Lin Arison, we learn from perhaps Miami’s greatest arts patron about many of the major initiatives that have led to our city’s cultural renaissance. In her own words, Lin takes us on journeys through Umbria, the formation of NFAA and the New World Symphony, as well as her relationships with great masters Frank Gehry and Michael Tilson Thomas. Her stories are priceless first-hand accounts into the private world of an iconic Miami family and their devotion to our great city.

Part One of Five

In Part One of this exclusive conversation with Lin Arison, we learn about Lin’s new book Feast for the Senses, A Musical Odyssey in Umbria. During this four minute excerpt from the 45 minute conversation, Lin speaks of her inspiration as a writer and how she learned to listen to herself and the importance of allowing children to have that same freedom.

Part Two of Five

In Part Two of our conversation with Lin Arison, we learn about the beginnings of Carnival Cruise Lines and how it went from being upsidedown financially to becoming successful and how that success spawned the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts (NFAA), now known as YoungArts. Lin shares the story of how she and her late husband Ted brought NFAA to Dr. Eduardo Padron of Miami-Dade College, as mandated by former president Jimmy Carter, as a means for evaluating arts students and how that seed flowered into other arts institutions that would eventually blossom throughout Miami.

Lin with Liv Ullmann at YoungArts Gala

Part Three of Five

In Part Three of our conversation with Lin Arison, we learn about the beginnings of the New World Symphony. In her own words, Lin shares memories of her late husband Ted’s inspiration behind starting a training orchestra, including their initial meeting with Michael Tilson Thomas at the St. Regis in New York City – a magnificent story indeed. Part three is a fascinating first-hand peak into the lives a very private family and the motivations that drove their passion for Miami and their desire to enhance it culturally.

Lin with conductor Michael Tilson Thomas

Part Four of Five

In Part Four of our conversation with Lin Arison, we learn about the importance of arts education for children, a topic that is clearly near and dear to Lin’s heart as demonstrated by her actions over the past 30 years and the passion with which she speaks about the topic. Additionally, learn about Lin’s initiatives that are affecting arts education on a national level through private funding, as well as Lin’s point of view of the government’s role in the funding of arts education.

Lin with granddaughter Sarah Arison

Part Five of Five

In Part Five of our five-part conversation with Lin Arison, we learn about the Frank Gehry building that will house the New World Symphony. Lin explains about the nuances of the building and how it is designed to de-mystify classical music by making it available to everyone in a non-intimidating manner. Lin also discusses her relationship with Gehry and credits him with saving classical music.

Lin with renowned architect Frank Gehry

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