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Knight Arts Challenge - Secrets to Success

Dennis Scholl

Dennis Scholl is the vice president of art for the Knight Foundation and one of Miami’s most esteemed art collectors. In this exclusive SocialMiami conversation, we learn from Dennis about the objectives of the Knight Arts Challenge and the secrets to success. We also learn about his personal point of view of Miami’s growing cultural community both in the visual and performing arts.

Pictured: Debra & Dennis Scholl

Stephanie Ansin

Stephanie Ansin is the founding artistic director of the PlayGround Theatre in Miami Shores. Under her direction, the theater received a grant for $100,000 to produce The Red Thread, an adaptation of a Chinese folktale.

Pictured: Stephanie Ansin and Toby Ansin

Lucas Levya

Lucas Levya is the director of the Borscht Film Festival. The project for which the Borscht received its funding was entitled: “Redefining Miami in Film.” Their submission read as follows: to shape Miami’s cinematic identity, the Borscht Film Festival will showcase and create original films that tell unique Miami stories. The festival will issue an open call for local filmmakers to join them in the process, and will provide financial and professional support for producing the films created annually. After they are completed, the films will be available online, shown at the Borscht Film Festival and made available to national and international film festivals.

Pictured: Lucas Levya

Peter Boswell

Peter Boswell is Sr. Curator, Asst Dir of Programs at the Miami Art Museum (MAM). Under Boswell’s jurisdiction MAM was awarded funds for “The Record” Exhibition.

Chris Chrebet and Leggo My Demo

Chris Chrebet was awarded funds to expand Leggo My Demo, an Internet-based community platform that showcases new electronic music. Learn about this exciting project and the creative ways that Chris raised matching funds.

Pictured: Chris Chrebet

Laura Quinlan and the Rhythm Foundation

Laura Quinlan is the executive director of the Rhythm Foundation and Rasha Comeau is from the Little Haiti Cultural Center. Their Knight awarded project is entitled Big Night in Little Haiti, which will showcase Haitian music.

Pictured: Jean Almatas (Pokito) who is performing at Big Night in Little Haiti

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