VIDEO: Cultural Conversation

The Rhythm Foundation and Big Night in Little Haiti

The Knight Arts Challenge is back and ready to hear the best ideas from Miami’s artistic community. To get everybody in the spirit of The Challenge, SocialMiami sat down with past awardees to learn about the grant competition and their secrets of success.

Laura Quinlan is the executive director of the Rhythm Foundation and Rasha Comeau is from the Little Haiti Cultural Center. Their Knight awarded project is entitled Big Night in Little Haiti, which will showcase Haitian music.

Their submission read as follows: To showcase Haitian music, the Rhythm Foundation will produce a monthly concert series in Little Haiti featuring the country’s diverse rhythms. The free series will include performances in such venues as restaurants, art studios and other cultural centers. The concerts will allow Haitian artists to reach a larger audience and will showcase the broad and rich culture of Little Haiti, including its food, music and fine arts. The project also will help unify the community and attract South Floridians to the neighborhood, creating a broader audience for retail businesses and the Little Haiti Cultural Center. Interactive components on a website will use social media to generate interest and gauge impact.

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