A Message from Beth David Rabbi Julie Jacobs Regarding Israel

It's in watching her own children she holds enormous hope for the Jewish people.

As I sat with my 12-year-old twins this weekend, watching the news in a state of horror and disbelief, my children were grappling with the profound question of how to achieve world peace.

Listening to their thoughtful, probing conversation made me feel enormous hope for our people. We teach our children not just a set of tenets, but a process of learning through debate. Our tradition of studying together and of questioning each other gives us the strength to make the world a better place, for everyone. Our children ponder world peace.

And I felt equal despair for the children who are being raised in the homes of Hamas terrorists, where hate and violence are the paramount lessons. Hamas rhetoric is so absolutist that surely it would have been unthinkable for 12-year-old twins in Gaza to discuss world peace. True peace, after all, has to take into account the complexities of our world.

As we focus on what’s happening in Israel, let’s do what we do best. Together, as a strong and supportive community, let’s make a difference and stand up for what is right.

Let’s gather together – to pray, to talk, to listen, to care. I want to emphasize that our community is here for you. If you need someone to talk to or a place to feel safe, please come to The Center. Please be a part of our daily prayer services. And please join us in study, to question and grow in our understanding of Torah. Come to our website for a list of classes.

And let’s take concrete actions. We are committed to providing resources and opportunities for you to make a positive impact. We can also help you participate in local events and make direct donations to help Israelis in need. Your contribution, whether big or small, can make a significant difference.

Thanks to many of you for being a part of the The Center for Jewish Life at Beth David and of Jewish life in Miami. And please remember to hope. As “Hatikvah” begins  –

As long as within our hearts
The Jewish soul sings,
As long as forward to the East.
To Zion, looks the eye –
Our hope is not yet lost.

B’ahava (with love),
Rabbi Julie Jacobs
The Center for Jewish Life at Beth David


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