A Week With Woody Allen at O Cinema Miami Beach

We have a booming art house scene here in Miami, and one of the best side effects of that is the steady stream of classic films we get to re-experience on the big screen.

Last month O Cinema Miami Beach had a mini Stanley Kubrick retrospective (“The Shining,” “A Clockwork Orange,” and “2001: A Space Odyssey”); a Steven Spielberg retrospective (“Jaws,” “Schindler’s List,” “E.T.,” “Jurassic Park,” “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”); and now we’re being treated to a full week of movies by everyone’s favorite neurotic comic, Woody Allen.

The retrospective is perfectly timed to take place right before the release of Allen’s latest film. “Irrational Man.,” starring Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix, hits O Cinema Miami Beach on July 31st. In typical Allen fashion, the film tells the story of a philosophy professor (Joaquin Phoenix) who finds himself caught in a love triangle between one of his students (Emma Stone) and a fellow professor (Parker Posey).

A Week With Woody Allen will take place at O Cinema Miami Beach from July 24-30, and will be made up of five of Allen’s most popular films: “Annie Hall,”“Crimes and Misdemeanors,”“Radio Days,”“Manhattan,” and “Hannah and Her Sisters.”

Check out the schedule below:

Fri, July 24th at 6:30pm
Sat, July 25th at 8pm
Sun, July 27th at 6pm
Thur, July 30th at 8:30pm

Fri, July 24th at 8:30pm
Mon, July 27th at 6:30pm
Wed, July 29th at 8:30pm

Sat, July 25th at 2pm
Mon, July 27th at 8:30pm
Wed, July 29th at 6:30pm

Sat, July 25th at 4pm
Sun, July 26th at 8pm
Tue, July 28th at 6:30pm
Thur, July 30th at 6:30pm

Sat, July 25th at 6pm
Sun, July 26th at 4pm
Tues, July 28th at 8:30pm

General admission is $11, and those that want to experience all of the movies (including “Irrational Man”) can opt for the weeklong movie pass for $55.

O Cinema Miami Beach is located at 500 71st St, Miami Beach. For more information or to reserve tickets, visit o-cinema.org/venue/o-cinema-miami-beach/.

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