Cash for Clunkers

Consumer Bailout Provides $4500

The recent passage of the “Cash For Clunkers” bill has sparked a nationwide wave of interest in the program, which provides up to $4,500 to car-owners who trade in their old “clunker” for a new, more fuel efficient alternative. The law states that consumers qualify for the historic car credits from July 1st through November 1st but the rules of the program are being hashed out by the NHTSA and will be announced July 23rd.

Dealer Funded Programs

The biggest supporters of the Cash For Clunkers bill has been manufacturers and local car dealers who see it as an opportunity to boost their own businesses and regional economies which are heavily dependent on car sales. Many large automotive groups announced programs to advance consumers the Cash for Clunkers rebate before Hyundai decided to follow the same strategy. The dealer group in Florida is . As a result, Rick Case has been the first dealer in Florida to offer “Cash for Clunkers” and is already getting the majority of the new business created because they are making it easy for consumers to take advantage of the program now.

Celebrities promote Cash for Clunkers

Celebrities have also promoted the bill on behalf of consumer information sites like, an organization that has educated consumers on the program from inception of the bill in congress. The bill has an important push from celebrities like Dancing With The Stars’ Cristian de la Fuente and Ugly Betty star Angelica Vale to educate consumers about the program. In addition, Alfonso Aguilar, the former Chief of the U.S. Office of Citizenship, is also a spokesperson for the organization due to the large impact the bill has on the Latino community and other immigrant groups. For this reason the organization has implemented a Spanish campaign along with a Spanish language website that helps consumers learn about the program and connect with dealers who can help them redeem their vouchers. “This government subsidy will make it easy for people to get a new car that is a lot less expensive to operate and maintain because of the great gas mileage and lack of repair costs,” said Cristian de la Fuente. “It is great to see the government funded automotive bailout helping hard working people who need the financial support,” said Angelica Vale. Since a large number of the clunkers on the road are owned by immigrants, these communities will benefit significantly from this legislation. “We have passionately supported Cash For Clunkers because of its positive impact on the environment, economy, consumers and its benefits for hundreds of Hispanic American communities whose livelihoods are tied to the auto industry,” said Alfonso Aguilar, the former U.S. Chief of Citizenship and Immigration. Shortly after the program, Maria Celeste, one of the most respected news anchors on Spanish television, helped one of her employees learn about the program when she realized she qualified by using the Clunker Calculator on the independent consumer information site,

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