Champlain Tower Disaster: Corcoran Group to Provide Emergency Assistance


After last week’s tragic collapse of the Champlain Tower South, many non-profits and organizations have come together to support the survivors and their families.
One of those organizations is the Corcoran Group lead by Pamela Liebman with Eloy Carmenate and Lily Zanardi in collaboration with Susanne Birbragher from Liaisons Corporation, as well as volunteer organization Hatzalah of South Florida.
The Corcoran Group members involved are providing personalized assistance to the survivors of the collapse, connecting with the survivors directly and providing them with their most immediate as well as long term needs such as cell phones, computers, medicine, personal items, clothing and housing among many others.
Hatzalah of South Florida is a non-profit volunteer organization, whose mission is to improve medical outcomes and save lives with community-based state-certified EMT volunteer responders. They were the first on the ground Thursday morning attending at the scene and have been working around the clock since providing medical care to survivors and the families of the victims. Attending an unexpected tragedy of this magnitude has depleted their resources. They are in need of donations to replenish their equipment and medicines needed to continue to support the victims and their families. You can visit their website for information on how to help.
If you know anyone who survived this tragedy, please contact or at (786) 239-6806 to receive help.
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