New Fundraising Facts for Chairites

Virtual fundraisers cost less and reap more donations

The Friendship Circle celebrates their Virtual Walk-a-thon.

The pandemic hit and the non-profits suffering the most were those that shut down fundraising efforts. The charities that simply changed to a virtual course learned that yes, there are people desperately in need of services but there are also those who want desperately to help. And that group has proved the spirit of generosity and caring is  stronger than ever.

Virtual fundraising isn’t for the inexperienced but if you have an expert leading your efforts, you can see results similar to the following three online organizations that I helped see donations rise while costs fell.

The Friendship Circle of Miami didn’t cancel its Walkathon, scheduled for March, it went virtual and while getting more attention and more publicity than ever, raising $177,587 to serve children with special needs.

The Breakthrough Collaborative, a national organization with a thriving Miami affiliate, used a platform I introduced to both raise funds nationally while uniting their affiliates in various cities to concentrate on local efforts.  New partnerships, innovation, excitement, a supercharged board helped raise $184,090 for students in need.

Give Back for Special Equestrians  is a small but powerful group that’s got volunteers, a love of horses, a belief in their mission and absolutely no staff. I helped them launch a new online fundraising campaign that worked by reaching out to a small group of supporters and leveraging social media.  In only 5 weeks they will surpass their $30,000 goal  – by far their biggest year yet.

Yes, in the midst of this mess, people are responding to good causes and trying to make an impact on our world. We don’t know exactly how the new normal will look but we know it will include online fundraising.

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