Five Questions for Miguel Emmanuelli

Executive Chef at Room Service Restaurant Lounge

The Rise & Shine

Room Service Restauramt Lounge
929 Washington Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139
305-763-8330 |

Where did the cuisine concept for Room Service Restaurant Lounge come from?

The concept for the cuisine at Room Service Restaurant Lounge was conceptualized by simply keeping in mind where we are located. The heart of South Beach is a place where different cultures and customs come together and blend as one. The cuisine, as we defined it, is American soulful with a Latin Flair and that’s who we are, the best of an American culture with the best of what Latin America has to offer.

What culinary trends are you seeing in Miami right now?

The biggest trend right now really is not a trend, but a way of life – farm to table. Chefs are more conscious of what they serve their guests and they make sure that they are the freshest and healthiest ingredients. At Room Service, we pride ourselves in working with Florida growers and local resources for produce. Our poultry and meats come from Orlando. I strive to use as much locally grown items as possible, as we need to give back to our communities and help our local farmers succeed.

The Carrot Cake is to die for!

Where did you learn how to be a chef?

I learned my culinary skills in Puerto Rico and that is where is my passion for the kitchen began. I graduated from The Culinary Institute in Florida and that is truly where my hobby and my passion translated into an art form.

What is the inspiration of your cuisine?

My inspiration derives from envisioning a dish, creating it, picking the ingredients, preparing it, platting and garnishing it. The result is having the absolute perfect fusion of the best of southern cuisine and adding my personal touches with a Caribbean/Latin flair! My inspiration derives from the perfect ingredients!

What is your favorite dish at Room Service Restaurant Lounge?

Hands down, the Volcano Steak! The sauce is a homemade recipe, and, if I don’t say so myself, it is out of this world. The quality of the steak is superb, making this dish one of Room Service’s most popular.

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