Layers of Life

Sheila Elias Prepares for Her Retrospective

“Angel Lite”

“My art is a tape measure that measures life,” said artist Sheila Elias from her newly renovated, 4,000 square-foot studio located in the industrial area of North Miami.

This South Florida artist has been creating works for more than two decades, and her paintings, sculptures, photographs and installations have been shown throughout North America, as well as France and Japan.

Elias is currently preparing her retrospective that will travel to museums and galleries throughout North America. Accompanying the exhibit will be Somewhere-Anywhere, a monograph of Elias, written and edited by noted critics and curators Peter Frank and Robert Morgan.

“I’m thrilled that Peter and Robert have taken the time to document my work,” said Elias. “It’s quite unexpected, and when professionals like these make this type commitment on my behalf, I can’t help but be honored.”

On Monday, December 3, Elias will celebrate her upcoming retrospective, the monograph and her renovated studio in a pre-Art Basel affair that will feature an exhibition of her recent photo-collages and paintings.

“Wrestling with an Angel”

“My collages are about the layers of life,” she explained. “I may use many different images in one photograph. I may also use painting on top of photography. I like to portray a perception of urban tension, raw emotions and harsh realities tempered with gentle optimism and beauty. The art counters an American dream that has gone a bit astray.”

The presentation of her work in the North Miami studio allows for a gallery feel. The space, however, required substantial work before it became the chic venue that it currently is. With the help of architect Amparo Vollert, Elias transformed an old seafood warehouse into a progressive workspace fit for an artist of Elias’ standing.

“Wrestling with Two Angels”

“There has been a cultural explosion in South Florida, which is another reason I am having this party,” said Elias. “We need to celebrate what is happening here and I am excited to open up my studio for the celebration.”

The Shelia Elias studio is located at 1510 N.E. 130th Street in North Miami. For more information, call 305-892-9198.

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