A hidden gem that is underground by design in the heart of the Bird Road Art District, SpeakFridays is freedom, creativity, love, inclusion and expression.

SpeakFridays is a place where artists and lovers of art congregate to inspire and be inspired, to share ideas and opinions, to commune.

Their mission – to promote understanding, tolerance and expression through arts and communication. Creator Robert Lee takes great pride in SpeakFridays for being what he describes as “Miami’s Most Diverse Open Mic.”

SpeakFridays began six years ago when Lee stumbled upon the world of spoken word poetry by accident (if there is such a thing). The experience made quite an impact.

“The room was filled with such emotion and honesty,” he said, “which poured just as much from the audience as it did from the stage. And that’s when it hit me – in a world filled with pretentiousness and overinflated egos, this is exactly what we need to balance things out.”

SpeakFridays is every Friday – late night – at the Inner Look located at 4925 SW 74Ct Miami 33155.

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