Light and Shadows

West Encounters East at arteaméricas

SocialMiami was at arteamericas 2012 at the Miami Beach Convention Center for the debut of West Encounters East “Light and Shadows.” In this exclusive SocialMiami docu-short, we learn about West Encounters East (WEE) and how Asian culture plays an intergral role in South American art, especially Brazil.

The exhibition was produced by Stella M. Holmes, founder of The Brickellian, and curated by Denise Mattar, former director of São Paulo Modern Art Museum and Rio de Janeiro Modern Art Museum, and featured the works of seven Latin American artists of Asian heritage: Cristina Sá, Takashi Fukushima, Yutaka Toyota, Kazuo Okubo, Megumi Yuasa, Valeria Yamamoto and Guillermo Ueno.

West Encounters East, a project developed by Ms. Holmes in 2010, reexamines the significance of cultural exchange, emigration, ethnicity and diversity by identifying and engaging emerging and established Latin American artists of Asian heritage.

“I have always been interested in art as communication,” Ms. Holmes said. “In my experience, it’s a wonderful way to bridge the gaps between different cultures, different ways of seeing and being. In West Encounters East, we examine this role in the fusion of Eastern and Western artistic expressions.”

Artwork, starting from top right:
Untitled by Cristina Sá,
A Ponte by Megumi Yuasa,
Meteor by Takashi Fukushima

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