Miami and Beyond

Quintessentially provides international access

The concierge has become an integral part of the luxury lifestyle. A well-connected concierge can get their client access to the most exclusive events, reservations at the hottest restaurants and tickets to the best shows. There’s little doubt that these qualities are key for any successful concierge in Miami, but what about outside of Miami?

The wealthy Miamian is jet set, many with multiple homes, and their concierge requirements go beyond connections in any one city. They need access in multiple cities around the world, and they need it arranged before they arrive. A lot of Miamians who are in the know use Quintessentially for their luxury service needs both at home and away.

“I use Q on a weekly basis,” says Heidi Nute, a Quintessentially member since 2006. “I joined because of a strong recommendation from a business colleague who experienced very good service from the Miami Beach group. This person stressed Q’s ability to make arrangements such as dining, nightlife and special events. In fact, they often get us access to better venues than we might ourselves. Additionally, tasks such as researching a gift, locating a hard to find item or securing a certain service are all within the scope of service.”

Quintessentially has 45 offices worldwide and counts Madonna, Gwyneth, and Harvey amongst its members. “We employ 3000 people who live in the hearts of the cities they serve,” says Ben Elliot, co-founder of Quintessentially. “We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and cater to the evolving luxury marketplace by providing complete global luxury-lifestyle management. Also, because of our large membership, vendors offer our clients the most competitive rates.”

The success and reputation of Quintessentially has brought about many mutually beneficial partnerships, most recently with British Airways. “We’ve been chosen to handle British Airways first-class customers in New York and London,” says Elliot, “and that arrangement is slated to expand to Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington and Miami.”

Elliot attributes his company’s success and rapid expansion to the strength of its founding members. “They were an international group,” he explains, “who strongly encouraged our expansion, and we grew from there.”

The Miami office is run by Brian Lucey who prides himself on the service and access he is able to provide. “Miami is an event driven town,” says Lucey. “We get our members access to most everything – last minute reservations to Prime 112, tickets to a sold out show at the Arscht Center, entry to the best parties during Art Basel. We are here to cater to our elite clientele and make their trip to South Florida as effortless as possible. Then, when it’s time to go, we help them with that as well.”

The Quintessentially Miami office is located in Miami’s Design District. For more information, call (305) 576-9768, or email Brian Lucey at

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