The Surgeon General and Miami

Dr. Richard Carmona speaks at La Gorce Country Club

The Mount Sinai Medical Association recently hosted an evening with Dr. Richard H. Carmona, 17th Surgeon General of the United States. The cocktail party was held at La Gorce Country Club in Miami Beach.

Dr. Carmona is the Vice Chairman of Canyon Ranch and the president of the Canyon Ranch Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring and educating people across America so they can make positive, healthy choices for themselves and their families. Dr. Carmona is excited at the opportunity to bring the resources of the Institute to Miami through Canyon Ranch Living – Miami Beach. “Canyon Ranch is designed for the top five percent of the people in the world,” he said. “The Institute, however, gives us the ability to start linkages with the community wherever we have properties. The key is building bridges and making partnerships. No one can do it alone.”

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Matthias Kammerer (Managing Director of Canyon Ranch Living – Miami Beach) and Dianne Kammerer

But Dr. Carmona’s bond with Miami is deeper than just his position with Canyon Ranch. He genuinely has a fondness for the community. “I love the edginess of Miami and the heat,” he said. “My great Aunt used to have a little place down here back when South Beach was where all the retirees were. Now, it’s such a good feeling when I get here. I’ve watched it grow over 30 or 40 years – the transformation has been incredible.”

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Peter and Kelly Gold with Jennifer and Eric Sheppard

Of course, Dr. Carmona’s Hispanic roots also play a role in his love for the city. “I’m from Puerto Rico,” he said, “so I feel right at home when I come to Miami.” And as Canyon Ranch Living – Miami Beach makes its impact locally, and Dr. Carmona is able to use his great knowledge and resources to facilitate the entire community, Miami should feel right at home with him as well.

Michael Milberg (Mount Sinai Medical Center Foundation Executive Director) , Philip Wolman (WSG Development Company Chairman), Dr. Paul Katz (Mount Sinai Medical Center Foundation Chief Medical Officer), Marla Bergmann (Mount Sinai Medical Center Foundation President), Miami Beach Commissioner Richard Steinberg and Eric Sheppard (WSG Development Company President)
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