Modern Meets Traditional

Cappellini furniture line - Miami Design District

In the world of social Miami, fabulous furniture is a must and Miami’s Design District is one of the best places to find high-end pieces. In the heart of the neighborhood is the Poltrona Frau showroom, a luxury Italian furniture brand that recently announced its 1000 square foot expansion to accommodate its newly acquired Cappellini furniture line.

In Milan 2004, the contemporary Cappellini was sold to the more conservative brand Poltrona Frau, creating a fusion between modern and traditional design companies. Miami will be the third Cappellini location in the U.S behind New York and Los Angeles.

According to Giulio Cappellini, who was recently in town to announce the Miami expansion, the spirit of the Cappellini brand is to create new contemporary classics using various materials and colors that are solid, timeless pieces. Cappellini is known for its renowned use of color and for incorporating various materials into their designs like plastic, wood, stainless steel and aluminum.

“Using different colors and materials can give a different perception of the same object. I want to tell stories and make dreams, not just create products. You may not need a new table or chair but if a Cappellini piece can make you dream, then you must have it,” he mused.

Poltrona Frau showroom director Giampiero explained that Cappellini might be most famous for
his eye for emerging talent. It’s common that once designers start working with Cappellini, they quickly become very successful and internationally recognized.

The 2009 Cappellini collection features pieces by Jasper Morrison (London), Patrick Norguet (Paris), Dror Benshetrit (Tel Aviv) and Alessandro Mendini (Milan), making the Cappellini brand truly international.

“We work with different designers to make a contemporary international collection that can be sold in LA, Japan, Milan or Miami,” said Gianpiero.

He added that he is very enthusiastic and confident about bringing Cappellini into the Miami interior design scene.

“Miami is a contemporary city that is filled with culture and diversity with a market that, I think, will be very excited for Cappellini, who brings a new perspective,” he said.

Giulio Cappellini returns to Miami in October for the grand opening of the Cappellini showroom at Poltrona Frau.

Giampiero cites the 2009 Cappellini collection as an example of long-selling, good design. “Cappellini revisited products from the 50s and 60s to include in the new collection, changing finishes or adding colors to the old pieces in a way that blended so perfectly – the result is beautiful,” he said.

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